Success from Home

We are a leading direct seller of telecommunications services, doing business internationally in 21 countries on 4 continents and are already the world’s largest provider of digital video telephony with above-average growth.

We offer you the opportunity to participate in the launch of the next generation of technology in telecommunications through yourown business. According to expert forecasts well into the next 3-5 years, over 200 million people in Europe alone are going to switch to digital video phone technology.
The launch is a tremendous challenge and of course a tremendous opportunity with great financial growth potential.
Your main role is …
… learning to become an independent presenter, thus winning new business partners nationally and internationally
… to promote and maintain a constructive collaboration within your business partner organization.

You are…
… a communicative type , having initiative and entrepreneurial mindset
… ready to work independently , structured and efficiently
… adaptive, motivated, team player and strong
… a person that thinks long term and goal-oriented
… a person with a positive attitude towards our vision and business model

We offer …
… excellent compensation
… also a lifelong commissions in the growing customer base
… an emotionally touching and unique service
… a smooth transition from your previous job into a full- or part-time existence
We expect …
a small investment in a franchise-like support system.
It is interesting to develop within an internationally oriented company. We create a culture that puts people first.
Please send an email with phone number
Please get in touch with us here.

We will contact you immediately for a quick telephone – conversation and
orientation without any obligations. We strive to working with you only when a win-win synergy emerges.

Über gn24info

28 Jahre jung selbstständiger Unternehmer . Gründer und Geschäftsführer der W.F International Marketing und GN24
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Eine Antwort zu Success from Home

  1. rolex esfera verde schreibt:

    I never thought I would agree with this option.

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