Plan A / B for Success 2011

are a company unifying people with a large variety of professional backgrounds for a common business project. 90% have implemented this concept as their “plan B”, i.e. without limiting their professional activities (“plan A”). You are receiving this information because

might have resources which match our objectives. In the following we will deliver an insight of this project, then it’s up to you to decide whether you wish to receive further information or not.

You will have the possibility to make a living (perhaps even government-funded) at partial or full time and to earn money each time someone is using his phone, is online or shops online or is switching on the lights or using electricity in general..

You will be working with an enterprise which has 18 years of experience on the marketplace and is operating in 20 countries all around the globe. Your current employment will not be affected. Profession and age are not of importance. And last but not least: The income you will be earning is a so-called residual (passive, re-occurring) income.

This concept is developing into an important source of income with turnovers of several thousand or tens of thousands of Euros – which you will get your share of. You may decide for yourself if this concept should merely improve your current standard of living, if you wish to use it for backing up your financial security for the future or if it should become a commercial basis for “more”. Whichever may be your personal goal, you will be able to rely on the support of experienced people.

Income from commission has the advantage that it is not achieved by present work efforts, the necessary work has already been done in the past. Turnovers in this industry are not linked to work, this also means you’ll be saving time…

As long as you are entirely satisfied with your professional and/or private situation there is no need for you to ask for any further information. Should this not be the case, though, you might consider it useful to engage in a brief orientation session. If synergy effects for both parties become apparent, we will intend to collaborate with you. Please get in touch with us here.

Thank you !

Über gn24info

28 Jahre jung selbstständiger Unternehmer . Gründer und Geschäftsführer der W.F International Marketing und GN24
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